Get into powerful Lag position

Get into a Powerful Lag Position with Hackmotion Not All Lag is Created Equal A lot of players try to create lag by over-setting wrists and pulling down on the club, creating poor consistency and sometimes even hands and fingers coming off the club. But not all lag is created equal. Hackmotion sensor’s wrist data […]


Troubleshooting Data Accuracy Make sure that the sensor is properly fixed to the hand and doesn’t slide/move. After switching on the device, before calibration make sure to rotate your hand freely in the air for couple of seconds (this allows the sensors to self correct and settle after power up). If swings are not captured […]

Video Tutorials

Navigation Back Wrist Angles BioFeedback How the Sensor Works Interpreting Wrist Data German Language Videos Wrist Angles Better clubface control Check out the video by Athletic Motion Golf coaches Mike Granato and Shaun Webb explaining how they use Hackmotion data Wrist angles during impact ?Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 coach) uses Hackmotion sensor’s data to […]