Wrist Data for Putting Stroke

Improving Wrist Alignment in the Putting Stroke Wrist Data for Putting Several tools measure what the putter clubface is doing, but few of them look at the causes of the clubface motion. One of the main causes of clubface motion is the wrist motion. Using HackMotion wrist sensor you get immediate lead wrist data after […]

Difference of FEEL vs REAL

The Benefits of 3D Data and Biofeedback Measure, Don’t Guess When making a change it is super important to always measure the progress. That way you know when you are actually improving and getting closer to your goal. To learn more about how to measure wrist angles check out PGA coach Alistair Davies (UK Top […]

Tour Player Wrist Data

Learn from PGA Tour Player Wrist Data Measure, Don’t Guess When a player is hitting it well you want to measure that swing and use as a benchmark later on. In this video PGA Tour Coach Scott Cowx showing how he is archiving the swing of his tour player (Richard Jung) to measure the subtle […]

Squaring the clubface

Fix Wrist Extension at the Top with HackMotion Clubface Control Clubface control is key for consistent ball flight. Using HackMotion wrist sensor’s data we see that pros in general are better at squaring the clubface early. In contrast, amateurs often get into too much wrist extension (cupping) at the top and square the clubface too […]