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Extension Control is Key to Clubface Control

Controlling wrist extension (cupping) is a key skill that separates the pros from the amateurs. We created the ultimate tool to easily learn clubface control for an improved ball flight.

Is HackMotion right for me?

How to Practice
With HackMotion?

Setup in Just 30 Seconds

Our super-quick setup process saves valuable lesson time, so you can focus on teaching.

Get Real-time Data and Audio Feedback

Data after each swing helps students to quickly implement swing changes.

Optimize Students' Wrist Mechanics

Understand what is causing the player to hit poor shots and implement needed swing changes.

Track Progress of Your Students

Get a session summary after each session and follow your student’s progress.

Measure, don't guess

When implementing changes it is important to measure student’s progress. Using HackMotion data you can precisely track if your students are doing what they should be doing.

How Wrist Angles Control the Clubface

The lead wrist controls what the clubface is doing. The better your students control the amount of flexion/extension of the wrist, the better they will control the clubface and the ball flight.
Read more on how measuring and adjusting lead wrist angles helps improve ball flight.

Accelerate Students' Progress With Audio Feedback

“Feel ain’t Real”. With HackMotion audio biofeedback, your students will know precisely what they need to do to get in the correct position. Set the motion range you want the player to be in, and it will help to guide him to the correct position.

HackMotion Pro

Complete Solution for Your Coaching Needs


Why Coaches and Players Love HackMotion

Why Coaches and Players Love HackMotion

“The next big thing in Golf Instruction tools - the HackMotion wrist sensor. A game changing device that’s brilliantly easy to use and shows you, near instantly, things you can’t see...but need to.”

Brian Manzella
Golf Digest Top 50

“Using HackMotion regardless of the level of player has really helped myself and the player understand what the lead wrist is doing and make informed positive changes!”

Matt Fryer
PGA Golf Coach

“HackMotion really allows you to see what the wrists are doing during the golf swing, a bit like having Trackman for the wrists.”

Ian Clark
PGA Golf Professional

“For years I dreamed of an instrument that could give me precise information about wrist movement and I found it with HackMotion. My teaching is now much more effective.”

Andrea Zanardelli
PGA Teaching Professional

Want to learn correct wrist mechanics?

Subscribe to receive carefully analyzed tour player data and insights developed together with leading golf instructors!

Develop Your Coaching

Access Elite Coach Education

Access education materials prepared by elite coaches and upgrade your coaching skills. Understand how to identify your player’s swing pattern and solve their swing issues.

Improve the Consistency of Your Students' Putting Stroke

One of the most important aspects of being a great putter is the consistency and repeatability of your stroke. Inconsistent wrist motion leads to poor accuracy. Use HackMotion to develop consistent putting mechanics.

Clubface Is Key to Mastering the Short Game

Correct use of the clubface and the bounce is key to learning different short game shots. The HackMotion sensor can be used for bunker shots, pitching and chipping

Learn Tour Player Motion Patterns

The HackMotion sensor app contains a library of PGA tour player data you can learn from. Learn how the best players control the clubface using wrist mechanics

Access Collection of Advanced Learning Materials

Access recordings from HackMotion webinars and watch other coaches explain how they use the data to fix common swing issues.

Software Walkthrough

Take a look a the software walkthrough video to learn how different training modes work, how to understand the data, and how to use biofeedback.

HackMotion Pro

Complete Solution for Your Coaching Needs


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