5 Proven Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action

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The Secret to Mastering Golf Lies in Your Wrists

Did you know that 80% of your golf ball’s direction is determined by your clubface angle at impact?

To hit a golf ball straight, you must control the clubface at impact. It’s that simple. And guess what? It’s your wrists that control that angle.

correct and incorrect lead wrist position at impact

Wrist Mechanics: The #1 Key to Better Golf

Tired of ineffective golf techniques? Craving ones that actually work? These drills are exactly what you need!

In partnership with leading golf coaches and industry experts, like Tyler Ferrell, we’ve selected 5 effective drills designed to help you control your clubface and improve your game.

correct and incorrect lead wrist position at impact
Expand your golf knowledge

Meet Your New Teacher

Tyler Ferrell is the only person in the world named to Golf Digest's list of Best Young Teachers in America AND its list of Best Golf Fitness Professionals in America.

As a golf instructor AND an expert in biomechanics, Tyler has the unique ability to communicate how your body works in the golf swing...and how both can work better.

“I’ve met a lot of people in the golf industry over the last 17 years and Tyler Ferrell is one of the best in the business. He has a good understanding of how to look at research and most importantly, he’s great at figuring out ways to apply that to the masses.”

Chris Como, former Tiger Woods Swing Coach

“I have been to many teachers around the country, all of which I have learned from, but Tyler is unique in that he has the ability to tie it all together. He was able to clear my mind of useless clutter and get straight to the cause of my issues.”

Charles Howell III, PGA Tour Winner

5 Drills to Help You Achieve Consistency & Master Clubface Control

These practical drills to improve wrist mechanics and clubface control can be something you take out to the driving range with you today. Enter your email where you want us to send the drills.