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What is HackMotion LITE?

HackMotion LITE is for players and coaches looking to improve clubface control by optimizing wrist angles. 

It provides instant 3D wrist data at key swing positions as well as real time biofeedback to accelerate learning process.

What is HackMotion Full System?

HackMotion Full System is for advanced PGA professionals looking for detailed wrist motion analysis.

What is the difference?

In addition to LITE features full system provides detailed wrist motion graphs throughout the swing, 3D replays, ability to overlay swing data for benchmarking as well as Windows software version and more.

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1. Data and Measurement modes
  • Full Swing/Short Game Mode
  • Putting Mode
  • Flexion/Extension
  • Radial/Ulnar deviation
  • Rotation Amount
  • Rotation Speed
  • Timing & Tempo
2. Data Views
  • Snapshot values/tiles view
  • Data tables with session averages
  • Real-time 3D hand model
  • Graphs showing detailed wrist motion throughout the swing
  • 3D replay
3. Biofeedback and Benchmarking mode
  • Real-Time Biofeedback
  • After-Swing Biofeedback
  • Benchmarking (overlay 2 graphs or tiles to compare swings)
  • PGA TOUR Data samples 
  • PGA TOUR Data sample updates
4. Software and other features
  • iOS app (iPhone, iPad)
  • Windows (Laptop, Desktop)
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Unlimited number of app installations
  • Customer support
  • Export swing data to CSV file (Windows only)

How to use HackMotion

Develop Powerful Lag Position

Not all lag is created equal. Learn the different types of lag depending on the amount of wrist extension (cupping).

Fix Excessive Extension at the Top

Using HackMotion Wrist Sensor’s data we see that pros are less cupped and better at squaring the clubface early.

Learn from Tour Player Data

Tour players don’t all have the same wrist angle numbers, but they do move the wrists in similar patterns.

User Testimonials

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