How To Start Using HackMotion

Here is a simple way to start optimizing wrist motion with HackMotion and improve your club face control.

Step 1 - Baseline

  • Take 10 swings with HackMotion. 
  • Start by analyzing your extension/flexion graph pattern of your good swings and bad swings.
  • Are you having repeatable and stable flexion/extension every time?

Step 2 - Biofeedback

  • Use biofeedback and select the range you want your wrist angles to be in. Biofeedback provides audio signal when wrists are in the correct position. Read more about biofeedback here.
  • Make slow rehearsals to get a feel for the correct motion.
  • Square the clubface early to the target, so you don’t have to do it late in the downswing. Read more about it here.

Step 3 - Develop Consistency

  • Compare the swing against your own best swings and tour player examples. If you are using HackMotion Full System, make the comparison in benchmarking mode. 
  • Change to a more stable flexion/extension pattern at the top and transition, similar to tour players.  
    Read more about wrist data here.

Step 4 - Practice Regularly

  • Use HackMotion sensor to monitor the progress.
  • Compare your bad swings vs good swings and learn what you do differently at the wrist level.
  • Clubface is king when it comes to consistency, so make clubface control key to your game.

Please note that detailed graphs with all wrist motion parameters are available in HackMotion Pro sensor only. HackMotion Player users can access extension/flexion graph in after-session data analysis. 

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What’s next?

Easy set up of HackMotion sensor and app

A short video demonstration of how easy and quickly HackMotion wrist sensor and app can be set up.

How to use HackMotion benchmarking

Compare any swing you have selected in Data tab with a benchmark from Tour players or your own swings.

Ready to Try HackMotion Sensor?

The HackMotion wrist sensor in front of various devices showing data in the HackMotion app
  • HackMotion sensor is used by world’s leading coaches – Phil Kenyon, Allen Terrell, Scott Cowx, Mark Blackburn, David Orr, Brian Manzella, Mike Schy and many others. Join the rank of the most the educated coaches.
  • PGA Tour winners Dustin Johnson, Bryson Dechambeau, Brad Faxon and European Tour winners Thorbjorn Olesen, Lucas Bjerregaard and many others have used it to measure and optimize their wrist motion.
  • Access tour player data and compare your data against it. Find out your release pattern and optimize your performance.
  • Audio feedback helps to fix common swing faults – too much wrist cupping (extension) in full swing causing open club face and inconsistent wrist angles in your putting stroke.

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