Introducing profiles : A better way to organize your training sessions

Take control of your data

Sometimes simply training and going through the motions isn’t enough – you need to be able to come back to view your progress and spot patterns. Are you achieving your goals? Is there a noticeable pattern to your swings? How have I improved compared to the last 3 months?

To allow our users to better view and analyse their sessions we are excited to introduce Profiles.

A way to organise your sessions. If you are a coach using Hackmotion to teach others, you might want to organise your students sessions by each student – making sure that you can come back at any time to see their progress at a glance. Or maybe you are a player using Hackmotion to improve your own game – then you might be interested in not only viewing your progress along the way, but also organise your sessions by club type, location or more.

With profile monthly overview - we are able to see how this player has gradually decreased his flexion at the top of the swing from 40 degrees to 12 degrees over the past year.

Deep-dive into your data

Profiles also allows you to not only view an overview of your training progress, but it also enables you to analyse each one of your session individually

View all your sessions
Analyse individual sessions

You can go even further and delve deep into your session data by viewing the individual shots of each one of your sessions

How to get started

To get started – simply go to the data page and click the “create profile” icon.

Enter the name of the profile that you wish to see and start practicing. By selecting the profile that you want when starting your sessions- all your session data will automatically be saved under your chosen profile.

Create a new profile
Select your profile when starting a session

By using profiles to categorise your sessions you are able to instantly view your whole Hackmotion progress from a single page at a quick glance. As we keep working on improving the Hackmotion experience – we believe that it’s not only crucial to be able to analyse your swings during the practice but also to reflect on your performance later on. With the new profiles feature we aim to give each one of our players the opportunity to do just that.

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