How to use HackMotion

What Would You Like to Learn?

Organize your sessions with player PROFILES

An improved way to organise your sessions with player PROFILES. Coaches can organize sessions by each student. Players can name sessions by club type, location or more.

How to Use Extension Control Training Mode

Extension Control is a special training mode focused only on training the correct extension pattern.

Stay Focused by Setting Clear Training Goals

Training mode allows you to implement predefined swing goals or define your own goals based on your swing pattern.

Quick and easy set up of HackMotion sensor and app

A short video demonstration of how easy and quickly HackMotion wrist sensor and app can be set up.

How to start optimizing with HackMotion

First steps to start with optimizing wrist motion and improve clubface control with HackMotion Golf sensor.

How to use HackMotion biofeedback

Quick video demonstration how to set up and use immediate biofeedback and after shot feedback.

How to explore and read HackMotion data

A video demonstration of how to explore HackMotion data, how to change views, and how to read the data in Tiles view.

How to read the data in graphs

A video based on a typical Tour player pattern explaining each motion separately.

How to use HackMotion benchmarking

Compare any swing you have selected in Data tab with a benchmark from Tour players or your own swings.

How to read putting data

A video explains differences of how putting data is displayed. Absolute numbers are displayed in tiles, but the graph shows changes in wrist motion.