Using STATIC biofeedback

Static feedback is for static position training DURING the swing.

It informs you if you are currently in your specified wrist position

1. Click on "Biofeedback" icon, left side of the screen
2. Select "STATIC" biofeedback option

Turn biofeedback mode "ON" by pressing the toggle button

Select if you want to get feedback on "flexion/extension" or "ulnar/radial deviation"

1. Select your desired wrist angle range in degrees.
2. When your wrist angle is in this range you will hear audio feedback. When it is out of range, you will hear nothing
3. Make sure the selected range is reasonable number for range of wrist motion. For example, range from -5 degrees flexion to 5 degrees extension

1. You are ready to go!
2. Make sure your device's audio output is turned on 
3. Test your feedback range by moving wrist angle in and out of that range. Make sure your device's audio output is on