Putting – Radial / Ulnar Deviation

Putting data

Radial (+) / Ulnar (-) Deviation

Hinged(+) / Unhinged(-)

Cocked(+) / Uncocked(-)

Tiles - Absolute values

The tile view displays the absolute values of ulnar/radial deviation at address, top and impact. This is great for a quick view of what the wrists are doing.

If the player is changing ulnar/radial deviation during putting stroke, his putter might move off the intended path. For instance, more ulnar deviation (unhinging) will result in more toe strikes on the clubface, since the putter will move inside.


Slightly unhinged at address, -8 deg.


Slightly more unhinged at the top -10 deg.


Same as address position, -8

Graph - Relative values

The graph view displays the change in the wrist angles compared to address position (address is always zero). This is great for exploring a more detailed view of what the wrists are doing both before and after impact.

The player here has a little bit of unhinging of the wrist during his backswing (more ulnar deviation, minus sign), but manages to return to the same amount as his address position right before impact.