HackMotion videos

Wrist angles

Precise wrist data helps to understand player’s wrist position and improve clubface control
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Better clubface control by understanding wrist angles

Check out the video by Athletic Motion Golf coaches Mike Granato and Shaun Webb explaining how they use Hackmotion data

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Wrist angles during impact

Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 coach) uses Hackmotion sensor’s data to explain how he teaches wrist position

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How to better control the club face

Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 coach) demonstrates the “Twistaway move” and how Hackmotion biofeedback feature can help to learn to control the clubface.

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Wrist motion for a powerful lag

Not all lag is created equal. Hackmotion sensor can help you to create powerful lag by helping you to get into better wrist position. Your body responds to your club face, so getting your club face in a better position will help the body to move better.

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How too much lag can harm your swing

PGA professional Zach Allen uses Hackmotion sensor’s real-time wrist data to show why sometimes more lag can actually hurt your swing.


Real-time biofeedback helps to develop feel for desired wrist position.
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Real-time biofeedback

Real-time biofeedback provides instant information and develops feel for your desired wrist position. Check out this video by Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 coach) to see how biofeedback works.

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Immediate and After-shot feedback

PGA coach Alistair Davies (UK Top 25 Coach) shows how to use biofeedback mode for position training and slow rehearsals. He then shows how to set after-shot feedback for reinforcement learning.

How the sensor works

Explore sensor’s software and features
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Martin Chuck demonstrates Hackmotion

Take a look at Martin Chuck (GOLF Top-100) demonstrating how he uses Hackmotion sensor to get his students into controlled and consistent impact position.

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Hackmotion software and data walkthrough

Explore Hackmotion software in this simple walk-through video, showing the types of wrist data you can capture and analyze.

Interpreting wrist data

Learn how to interpret wrist data
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Putting mode demo by Brian Manzella

Putting mode section from a live Hackmotion Webinar hosted by Brian Manzella.

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Full Webinar: Analyzing wrist graphs & putting mode

Recording of a Live webinar hosted by Brian Manzella explaining how to read and analyze Hackmotion wrist graphs.

German language videos

Videos explaining wrist data in German
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Christoph Bausek part1

Der Handgelenkseinsatz beim Driver und bei den Eisen – gemessen mit “Hackmotion” (1. Teil)

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Christoph Bausek part2

Analyse des Handgelenkseinsatzes beim Chippen und den Finesse Schlägen (Teil 2)

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Christoph Bausek part3

Die Handgelenke beim Pitchen (3. Teil)

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Christoph Bausek part4

Handgelenkseinsatz im Bunker (4. Teil)

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Christoph Bausek part5

Der Handgelenkseinsatz beim Punch (5. Teil)

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Christoph Bausek part6

Hinge and Hold (Phil Mickelson), was machen die Handgelenke wirklich? (6.Teil)