Wrist Hinge for Powerful Lag Position

2D images often do not tell the full story about the angle between the lead arm and the shaft. Learn how to use HackMotion sensor to measure and correct wrist motion for more efficient golf swing.

Fix Excessive Extension at the Top

A common pitfall that makes difficult to properly square the clubface is having too much wrist extension at the top. Use HackMotion sensor to detect excessive amount of extension and effectively train to correct this with biofeedback.

Learn from Tour Player Data

Absolute wrist angle values can change for different players, however, there are a number of patterns that are similar for most good players. Use the Tour player data provided in the app to compare your swings to professionals.

Wrist Data for Putting Stroke Mechanics

Excessive wrist action during putting stroke can lead to inconsistent results. Use HackMotion sensor to measure undesirable movement patterns during putting stroke and correct them with biofeedback.

Biofeedback to teach FEEL vs REAL

Body movements very often are significantly different than they feel. Therefore it is super important to always measure the progress. Use HackMotion sensor to track and visualize the actual movement during the golf swing.


Explore How Top Coaches Use HackMotion Wrist Sensor

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