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Mark HackMotion Core user
1 day ago
First time I ever got feed back and for that's fantastic as it confirms issues that maybe you where not sure on... Brilliant
Review from Google
John HackMotion Core user
1 day ago
Your explanation is really good. Please continue with this feedback as I bought the hack motion exactly for this type of data. Today was my second range session and I'm eager to get more feedback, so please continue
Review from Amazon
Eric HackMotion Plus user
2 day ago
This is like having a personal trainer. Thanks.
Review from Instagram

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Why Players and Coaches Love HackMotion

“It’s never been easier to measure what you’re doing with your golf swing”
“Of course, I have a bad slice. The HackMotion has helped me with my hand position at the top and also helped me learn what it feels like to reduce extension throughout the downswing. Amazing device, using it in every session now!”
Join Derek & thousands of other happy golfers
“HackMotion is one of the most multi-dimentional teaching aides you can find”
Allen Terell
Dustin Johnson's swing instructor, PGA

The Ultimate Swing Feedback Tool

  • Wrist data and feedback after each swing
  • Understand & fix your swing faults
  • Learn from PGA Tour player data

How can HackMotion help my game?

How to practice with HackMotion

Step 1

Setup in just 30 seconds

Our super-quick setup process saves time, allowing you to train with real-time data every practice session. Focus on improving your golf swing without the hassle of long setup time.

Step 2

Get Real-Time Data and Audio Feedback

Learn the correct wrist motion faster with real-time audio feedback. HackMotion has an intuitive interface that provides instant feedback which accelerates the process of bringing swing changes to the golf course.

Step 3

Personalized Drills Just for You

HackMotion automatically analyzes your data and selects drills customized to your swing. With this powerful golf training aid, you’ll see improvement from the very first session.

Step 4

Like Your Personal Coach, Available 24/7

Get a lasting upgrade to your practice sessions for the price of a few golf lessons with a coach. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, it’s the perfect tool to help you unlock your golf swing’s full potential.

One Device, Multiple Feature Options

All HackMotion products use the same cutting-edge hardware.


Core HackMotion value.

For players who want to improve clubface control and full swing consistency by optimising wrist angles

295 USD


A total powerhouse.

Work on your whole game by optimizing both the full swing and putting. Reach your peak performance.

495 USD


The ultimate HackMotion.

All the wrist data, tour data and analytics for both hands in the ultimate feature package.

995 USD

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