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tracks, measures, analyzes

and takes your golf coaching to the next level with advanced data-based solutions for improving golf swing!


Importance of wrist angles

You already know that clubface control is the ultimate control of your ball.

In fact, more than 80% of golf ball's initial direction is determined by the clubface.

To improve ball flight, many coaches focus on aligning the player’s body position without paying that much attention to the wrists.
However, your hands are the only part of the body which is in direct contact with the club.

Meaning that your wrist alignment directly determines the clubface angle.

We know how important it is to measure wrist movement, so we created the ultimate golf training tool so that you can easily find the necessary adjustments to the wrist position for an improved ball flight.

How wrist angles control the clubface

Your lead wrist basically shows what the clubface is doing. The better you control the amount of flexion/extension of the wrist, the better you will control the clubface and the ball flight.
Read more on how measuring and adjusting lead wrist angles helps in improving ball flight.

How Coaches use HackMotion

Each aspect of golf play presents different challenges. HackMotion is used for fixing all types of wrist angle related swing issues, both for full swing, pitching and short game. Read more on how HackMotion makes it easier to detect the mistakes, measure lag and make the necessary adjustments to control ball flight.

Read more on the importance of wrist angles and other useful golf training tips in our Learning Center section!


Meet HackMotion - the only complete wrist angle training solution that measures, analyzes and helps you improve!


HackMotion Wrist Sensor makes it easier to measure and optimize your wrist angles to gain better clubface control and more controlled ball flight with smart biofeedback solution.

Compatible for full swing, pitching and putting, this nifty device lets you easily track and demonstrate progress during lessons, compare and benchmark swings to previous data or PGA Tour player results.

HackMotion simply helps you make smart, data-based decisions for improving ball flight and provides real-time cause and effect to accelerate the learning curve!


Lightweight & portable

The sensor weighs just 1.8 oz (50 g) and is so small that you will forget that you are even wearing it - use it everywhere with our free mobile app.

Track progress with data

Automatically record all swings made and compare results to demonstrate progress and accelerate the learning process.

Real-time biofeedback

Get real-time biofeedback for slow rehearsals and getting the feel for the position, view the 3D model to demonstrate the difference between the golfer’s feel vs. real

Learn from Tour player data

Learn from PGA Tour player wrist motion patterns to better understand how wrist angles control the clubface.

achieve a whole new level in coaching

Step 1: upgrade to hi-tech equipment

The age of digitalization and data has put its demands on the golf coaching industry. In order to beat the competition, upgrade your training with cutting edge technology for an enhanced learning experience.

Step 2: measure, don't guess

You can’t really measure your players’ success, unless success is defined and properly tracked. Once you upgrade your coaching with practical hi-tech solutions, like HackMotion, you acquire exclusive and accurate data to base your training on.

Step 3: get ahead of the game

Develop your personal brand with tech-empowered coaching! Attract and retain players with your unique and personalized lessons based on facts and create special development packages for attracting long-term customers.

TOP COACHES love Hackmotion

HackMotion is one of the most multi-dimensional teaching aides you can find. Wrist movements are quite difficult to analyze through camera. HackMotion has simplified this illusion for the instructor but most importantly for the student.
Allen Terrell
Dustin Johnson's Swing Instructor, PGA, Golf Digest Top Ranked Coach
I’m actually loving my Hackmotion LITE because not only is it allowing me through biofeedback to understand proper wrist mechanics (my main purpose when I bought it). Additionally, as a residual side effect, my tilts and pressure motions are improving since they don’t have to make up for the other variables, giving me added CHS, Ball speed and tighter dispersions
Jose Antonio Alonso
Professional Golfer
Great thing about Hackmotion is that I can trace the pattern of what the player is doing coming into the golf ball. Clubface is king when in comes to controlling the golf ball. With a good radar unit and HackMotion I can pretty much do anything
Scott Cowx
PGA of Canada National Teacher of the Year


HackMotion takes your golf coaching to a whole new level with an all-in-one data and biofeedback solution to measure and optimize wrist angles for better clubface control!

Set up HackMotion in just a few seconds, get real-time data and gain better control of the swing and a more controlled ball flight!

Hackmotion IS ENJOYED BY:


Top Tour coaches and golf instructors love HackMotion, as it lets them attract and retain players with hi-tech lessons powered by actual data.


Amateur players enjoy using HackMotion because it helps them improve their swing technique with real-time and post-swing feedback.

Top Tour players

Professional Top Tour players benefit from HackMotion, helping them keep track of their progress and benchmark against other tour players.


Top tour coaches, instructors and players from more than 45 countries are already stepping up their game with Hackmotion.
Be a part of the community!


Introducing THE new HackMotion 2

New and improved version of industry standard wrist sensor!

  • 30% smaller and lighter (just 1.2 oz)
  • 25% faster charging (50% charge in just 30 minutes)
  • Ergonomic soft touch coating for pleasant high-quality feel
  • New redesigned ergonomic straps
  • Standard USB-C reversible charging connector (plug in either direction)
  • Firmware upgrade capability (get new hardware features with over the air updates)
Available now!

Choose your HACKMOTION


For coaches/players looking to understand and improve wrist angles and clubface control.
$ 595
  • Get instant wrist angle data for main swing positions (address, top, impact)
  • Use real-time audio feedback to fix common swing faults
  • Learn from PGA Tour player wrist data
  • Free iOS app (unlimited downloads)

HACKMOTION 2 (Full System)

For advanced PGA professionals looking for detailed wrist motion analysis.​
$ 965
  • HackMotion Full System is now upgraded! Order now, delivery from February 1st.
  • All of LITE version features + Windows software
  • Explore detailed graphs of wrist motion at every moment of the swing
  • Use after-swing audio feedback for reinforcement learning
  • Compare and benchmark best/worst swings

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We care about your satisfaction, so we assure that if you’re not completely satisfied with your HackMotion, simply send it back to us and we’ll return 100% of your money back - no questions asked! Our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee lasts 30 days from the date you receive your HackMotion.