Biofeedback and Wrist Data

Cutting-edge sensor for learning effective wrist motion

As featured in

  • "I was instantly fed real-time, biomechanical information about my wrist’s movements throughout the golf swing, which I found particularly useful for my chipping."

As featured in

"I was instantly fed real-time, biomechanical information about my wrist’s movements throughout the golf swing, which I found particularly useful for my chipping."

"The Science of Square: Understanding the relationship between the wrist and club face."

"New piece of technology to help you get a better wrist angle at the top of the swing for more compressed, solid, tour-like shots."

More effective lesson time

Measure, don’t guess

Precise wrist data for assessing improvement after each shot - full swing, pitching and putting

Real-time biofeedback

Adjustable audio feedback for working on wrist angles throughout the swing


Easy to use app. Supported platforms: iOS - iPad/iPhone and Windows - PC/Tablet


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Better clubface control by understanding wrist angles

Wrist angles have direct relationship to the clubface.  Precise wrist data provides immediate feedback on wrist positions and makes motion learning that much faster. Check out the video by Athletic Motion Golf coaches Mike Granato and Shaun Webb explaining how they use Hackmotion in their coaching work.

More videos explaining wrist angles


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Real-time biofeedback makes improvement quicker

Real-time biofeedback helps to develop feel for desired wrist position. Check out this video by Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 coach)  to see how Hackmotion biofeedback works.

More videos of coaches using BioFeedback


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Martin Chuck demonstrates Hackmotion

Take a look at Martin Chuck (Golf Magazine’s Top-100) demonstrating how he uses Hackmotion sensor while coaching. Wrist angles are key to clubface control and correct wrist motion helps to achieve a controlled and consistent impact position.

More videos showing the sensor software

Brian Manzella
Jake Thurm
Hugh Marr
Christoph Bausek
Ian Clark
Chase Cooper

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Capture every movement of the wrist

Uniquely detailed insight into lead wrist’s movement. The sensor system measures 3D wrist angles and is designed for both full swing and short game.

Extension / flexion parameter

Ulnar / radial deviation parameter

Rotation parameter - * Beta testing phase

Wrist data after each swing

Wrist angle data after each shot

Measure your progress after each swing. Set your target wrist angles and get immediate feedback for reinforcement learning.

Explore detailed dynamic of wrist motion

Learn correct release and transition from flexion to extension. Compare you wrist motion to tour player's data.

Real-time 3D model and replay of wrist motion

Analyse each swing with frame by frame replay of the 3D hand model.

Setting up is easy

1. Put the sensor on like a wristwatch

Sensor is easily attached to the hand using adjustable size straps that are provided with the system.

2. Calibrate in couple seconds

Calibration aligns the sensor with the hand with a single press of a button.

3. Get detailed wrist data and biofeedback

The sensor automatically detects the swing, displays wrist data and gives audio feedback for reinforcement learning

Technical Specification

  • Audio biofeedback
  • 3D wrist angle measurement
  • Automatic swing detection after each shot
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Windows
  • Sensor resolution (< 1 degree)
  • Captures 100 frames per second (100Hz)
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Super lightweight (Only 50g)
  • Battery life for 7 hours of intense operation. Rechargable in 2 hours.
  • Dimensions: Wrist unit: 50 x 47 x 12 mm || Palm unit: 34 x 47 x 6 mm

Our Advisors

Brian Manzella: “HackMotion is the next big thing in Golf Instruction tools.”

Brian Manzella is the 29th ranked teacher in America on Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers in America List, his third consecutive time in the Top 50. He is a 4-time and current Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America. A 28-year member of the PGA of America, Brian was the 2013 PGA Gulf States Section Teacher of the Year and the PGA Kentucky Section Teacher of the Year in 2003.

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Brian Manzella

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