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Wrist Sensor

Master clubface control by improving your wrist angles

Is HackMotion right for me?

Discover HackMotion Sensor

The ultimate training tool to learn correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. Precise data and feedback after every swing helps you accelerate the learning process.

GIF of man showing how the lead wrist angle can lead to an open club face or a square club face. As he extends his wrist, arrows on the club point upward, and as he flexes his wrist, arrows on the club point down. There is a red line to show the direction the ball will go if it is hit with the corresponding wrist angles

Master Clubface Control

Clubface is King. It determines more than 80% of the direction of your ball flight, and your wrist angles directly determine how the clubface moves.

Want to learn correct wrist mechanics?

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Why Coaches and Players Love HackMotion

“The next big thing in Golf Instruction tools - the HackMotion wrist sensor. A game changing device that’s brilliantly easy to use and shows you, near instantly, things you can’t see...but need to.”

Brian Manzella
Golf Digest Top 50

“In the space of using HackMotion wrist sensor for 2 days I had eliminated my slice. My golfing buddies couldn't believe how straight my drives where going.”

Steve Shearing
Golfer from the USA

“I use HackMotion at the practice for a few weeks. It's very useful for my swing and helps me to progress. The new software is very easy to use and you can see exactly what to do with your swing!”

Stephane Jacquemont
Golfer from France

“For years I dreamed of an instrument that could give me precise information about wrist movement and I found it with HackMotion. My teaching is now much more effective.”

Andrea Zanardelli
PGA Teaching Professional

Why Coaches and Players Love HackMotion

So what kind of user are you?

Want to learn correct wrist mechanics?

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