Wrist Angle Sensor

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HackMotion Wrist Angle Sensor is a novel training aid to develop correct wrist motion during the golf swing

Diagnose errors in wrist movement

See accurate and detailed information about wrist angles during all phases of the golf swing. Quickly analyze wrist movement, understand how it correlates with the ball trajectory and diagnose potential errors.

Get your message across faster

Help your students to understand their own movement more easily. Enable them to get precise and easy to understand data after each swing as well as instant biofeedback on their movement for supervised and unsupervised training.

Track progress & compare with others

Keep your students engaged by showing the data on their achievements even if they are incremental. Log and store the data about user wrist angles to clearly show progress over the lesson as well as for prolonged periods.

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how does it work

1. Put the system on the wrist

Sensors can be easily attached to the hand using adjustable size straps that are provided with the system.

2. Calibrate in two seconds

Calibration aligns the sensors with the hand of the user with a single press of a button.

3. Play & receive feedback

System automatically detects swings and after each hit displays relevant data for all phases of the swing.

Keep track on every movement of the wrist

With a simple setup you get uniquely detailed insight into lead wrist’s movement. The system measures 3D wrist angles and general stability and is designed for both full swing and short game.

Extension / flexion


Ulnar / radial deviation


Supination / pronation

* coming soon

For Full Swing

For Putting

There are countless details in biomechanics that are not researched yet because of the lack of widely accessible tools. No doubt that HackMotion’s technology has a huge potential.
Davis Puksts Golf Pro & Owner @ golfacademy.lv

Technical specification

The system uses 3D motion tracking technology based on inertial measurement units (IMUs). It includes 2 individual IMU sensors, which are attached to the wrist and forearm of lead hand. Each IMU sensor has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and an advanced sensor fusion algorithm that allows real-time reconstruction of exact 3D wrist model with 200 frames per second and a resolution below one degree to accurately reproduce the entire swing routine from address to follow-through.

3D wrist angle measurement (resolution < 1 degree)

Wrist stability measurement

Automatic swing detection and biofeedback

Connects via Bluetooth to Windows computer

USB rechargable battery lasts up to 6 hours of intensive operation

Dimensions of the sensor unit: 30 x 35 x 10 mm

System weight: 75 g


Only 499 USD (from 999 USD)

This month the price goes up