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How to Wear the Sensor

Strap vs. Clip-On: Which One to Choose?

You can use the HackMotion sensor in two ways – either attach the provided clip  to your golf glove or attach the strap to the palm of your hand without a glove. 

When training in Full Swing mode, we recommend using the HackMotion clip-on since most players and PGA Tour professionals wear a glove for these types of golf shots. However, we recommend the strap option for short-game and putting, as this gives you a better feel. 

If your glove has a velcro that does not keep the clip stable, try using the sensor with straps for more accurate data. 

IMPORTANT: Wearing the HackMotion sensor with the strap provides more accurate results, especially if the glove’s velcro is worn out; this may cause the sensor to move around, forcing you to re-calibrate. By securing the sensor with the strap, it remains fixed in the desired position, improving swing data accuracy.

When wearing the sensors, don’t worry if the sensor is not perfectly aligned with your hand, the calibration will take care of it. However, both sensors need to be properly aligned with each other.

Which Hand Do I Wear HackMotion On?

The HackMotion sensor should be worn on the lead wrist:

  • For right-handed golfers, this is your left hand.
  • For left-handed golfers, this is your right hand.
Sensor on the lead wrist of a right-handed golfer
Sensor on the lead wrist of a left-handed golfer

However, on the HackMotion Pro sensor you can measure trail wrist data as well. In this case, the sensor should be put on the trail wrist which is:

  • The right hand for right-handed golfers.
  • The left hand for left-handed golfers.
Sensor on the trail wrist of a right-handed golfer
Sensor on the trail wrist of a left-handed golfer

How to Correctly Wear the Sensor

With a strap around the palm:

With the clip attached to the glove:

Inserting the palm strap:

Inserting the wrist strap: