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Understanding Target Ranges

To maximize the benefits of the HackMotion device, it is essential to comprehend the target ranges and understand the underlying principles behind them. 

In the Clubface Control mode, the application will highlight the three most important swing positions that you need to focus on: Address, Top and Impact.

Since every golfer’s swing is different, it’s not important to focus on the absolute values of your wrist angles at these specific positions. What’s most important is maintaining a stable wrist extension from your address to your top position and then squaring your clubface by flexing your wrist during the downswing.

After each swing in HackMotion Clubface Control practice mode, there are built-in target ranges set for each of Top and Impact positions. These ranges will serve as benchmarks to help you measure swing performance and set realistic goals.

Mastering the Golf Swing: What to Aim For

If you want to be swinging like the PGA Tour professionals, there are two key things that you should implement in your swing.

  1. Keep your wrists stable from the address to the top of the backswing with very little change in flexion or extension. This will allow you to reduce unnecessary movement and generate increased speed during the downswing.
  2. From the top of the backswing through impact, wrist extension decreases (goes into flexion) so that it is less than it was at address. The flexion at impact will generate shaft lean, enhance ball compression, and reduce swing inconsistencies.

Contrary to the popular misconception, being flexed at the top is not necessary, particularly with stronger grips. For example,  flexing as much as Dustin Johnson in the golf swing would be difficult for the average golfer because this requires a high level of athleticism and flexibility. Regular golfers should instead focus on finding a swing style that suits their abilities and allows for consistency, like Tommy Fleetwood’s swing.

Calculating Target Ranges

HackMotion Clubface Control ranges are set based on your wrist position at address.

  • For your Top position, work on maintaining a fixed wrist, which means you should maintain extension by -20 to +5 relative to Address. This helps with maintaining a consistent swing and enables you to close your clubface more easily at Impact.
  • For your Impact position, you should flex your wrist so that you are by -15 to -30 less than your address position. This will allow you to close the clubface.

The HackMotion ranges in Clubface Control Mode are gathered from assessments of professional golfers and thousands of amateur swings. As a reference, Hackmotion uses Pattern A (Scott Cowx) for the suggestions because it is the most functional pattern for amateur players, who we advise to follow this pattern for fastest results. The most important thing to remember here is that the exact wrist extension and flexion numbers will vary from player to player due to different angles at address. 

The target ranges are designed to optimize your training experience with HackMotion. Following these ranges ensures a systematic and progressive approach to improving your clubface control.

If you consistently achieve a good impact position despite having excessive flexion in your top position, you can customize the ranges in settings. This allows you to adapt the parameters to match your specific swing and still receive accurate feedback from the HackMotion sensor.