January 24th



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Learn from the World’s Best Coaches

Re-examining Wrist Option A and B – Differences in Body Orientation to support wrist conditions
Scott Cowx
PGA of Canada National Teacher of the Year
My 3 go-to HackMotion Drills
Brian Manzella
Golf Digest Top 50 (#29), Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Better Faster: Using HackMotion as a tool for learning
Steven Orr
Director of Coaching – Cranfield Golf Academies, PGA Master Professional, MSc in Sports Coaching
Role of the Lead Wrist
Alex Clapp
Golf Coach to regional, mini tour and European Tour professionals
Panel: What we Know About Correct Wrist Mechanics
Dr. Jim Suttie
Golf Digest Top 50 (#18), Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Mark Crossfield
PGA Professional, Youtube Star
Panel: What we Know About Correct Wrist Mechanics
Patrick Nuber
Director of Instruction – GolfTEC
Panel: What we Know About Correct Wrist Mechanics
Monte Scheinblum
Golf Coach, Rebellion Golf – World Long Drive Champ – Web.com Tour
Panel: What we Know About Correct Wrist Mechanics
Jason Birnbaum
Golf Digest Best in State
Live demo of drills with HackMotion
Jason Sutton
Golf Digest #1 Best Golf Coach in North Carolina, Golf Magazine top 100 coach
The trail arm and its wrist action – the holy grail of great ballstriking!
Christoph Bausek
Bausek Golf, PGA 1* Professional, AimPoint Level 3 Instructor, BioSwing Dynamics Level 2 and Trackman Master

Agenda on January 24th

9:40 am – 3:30 pm ET /  2:40 pm – 8:30 pm GMT
You can join freely during all webinar.

Powerful Training Tool in Your Hands

HackMotion takes golf training to a whole new level with an all-in-one data and biofeedback solution to measure and optimize wrist angles for better clubface control!

Master clubface control

Learn to control wrist angles which will allow you to the clubface and shot direction.

Measure, don't guess

Precise wrist data allows assessing improvement after each swing, you can easily measure progress.

Audio biofeedback

Get real-time audio feedback on wrist conditions throughout the swing.

Tour player data library

Gain exclusive access to PGA Tour player wrist motion patterns to better understand how top players control the clubface.

Why Coaches and Players Love HackMotion

Allen Terrell
Allen Terrell
Dustin Johnon's Swing Instructor
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HackMotion is one of the most multi-dimensional teaching aides you can find. Wrist movements are quite difficult to analyze through camera. HackMotion has simplified this illusion for the instructor but most importantly for the student.
David Rasley
David Rasley
Serious Golf Enthusiast
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Hackmotion has totally revitalized my golf swing! I didn't realize how cupped I had gotten at the top of my swing. I now use my Hackmotion before every round. Just having the device on helps me keep a flatter left wrist at the top and much more consistency in my swing.
PGA of Canada National Teacher of the Year
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Great thing about Hackmotion is that I can trace the pattern of what the player is doing coming into the golf ball. Clubface is king when in comes to controlling the golf ball. With a good radar unit and HackMotion I can pretty much do anything.

Master Clubface Control

Controlling wrist angles is a key skill that separates the pros from the amateurs. So we created the ultimate tool to easily learn clubface control for an improved ball flight and consistency.


& Access the webinar for Free

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