Wrist angles are the key to swing consistency

Your wrist angles directly control the clubface, and controlling the clubface is a key skill that separates the pros from the amateurs. We have created the ultimate tool to easily learn clubface control for an improved ball flight.

Is HackMotion right for me?

How wrist angles control the clubface

Your lead wrist controls what the clubface is doing, and the clubface determines the direction of the ball’s flight. The better you control the amount of flexion/extension of the wrist, the better you will control the clubface.

GIF of man showing how the lead wrist angle can lead to an open club face or a square club face. As he extends his wrist, arrows on the club point upward, and as he flexes his wrist, arrows on the club point down. There is a red line to show the direction the ball will go if it is hit with the corresponding wrist angles

The HackMotion sensor is the ultimate tool to learn clubface control

Watch the video to learn how wrist angles control the clubface and how you can measure and control them using the HackMotion sensor

Fix Your Slice in a few training sessions

Correct wrist motion can help you fix the out-to-in swing path that causes slice.  Watch the video to learn how to fix slice with HackMotion wrist sensor.

How to Practice
With HackMotion?

Setup and Calibrate in Just 30 Seconds

Our super-quick setup process saves time, so you can focus on practicing.

Get Real-time Data and Audio Feedback

Use data and feedback to quickly correct your swing faults.

HackMotion Player Sensor

HackMotion Player Sensor


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What Our Users Say

“In the space of using HackMotion wrist sensor for 2 days I had eliminated my slice. My golfing buddies couldn't believe how straight my drives where going.”

Steve Shearing
Golfer from the USA

“I use HackMotion at the practice for a few weeks. It's very useful for my swing and helps me to progress. The new software is very easy to use and you can see exactly what to do with your swing!”

Stephane Jacquemont
Golfer from France

“This device is worth looking at by those who want to understand what is happening during a swing, adding a new dimension to the efforts to improve its quality.”

Marco Cantella
Golfer from Italy

“I have been using HackMotion to control my wrists because I have a tendency of flipping it open in the beginning. It's biofeedback feature made my swing more stable because I could have a flatter wrist at the top .”

Karl Ejvegard
Golfer from Sweden

Develop All Parts of
Your Golf Game

Improve the Consistency of Your Putting Stroke

One of the most important aspects of being a great putter is the consistency and repeatability of your stroke. Inconsistent wrist motion leads to poor accuracy. Use HackMotion to develop consistent putting mechanics.

Clubface Is Key to Mastering the Short Game

Correct use of the clubface and the bounce is key to learning different short game shots. The HackMotion sensor can be used for bunker shots, pitching and chipping.

Access Advanced Learning Materials

Access recordings from HackMotion webinars and watch coaches explain how they use the data to fix common swing issues.

HackMotion Player Sensor

HackMotion Player Sensor


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