Stay Focused by Setting Clear Training Goals

When training, it can be difficult to focus on all aspects of the golf swing at once. While HackMotion sensors can provide you with data points at all parts of the swing, too much data can be overwhelming at times. 

To streamline your focus and get the most out of each HackMotion session, try the new Training Goals feature. This easy-to-use interface on our app allows you to focus on specific data points throughout a practice session.

What is Training Goals?

Training Goals is an extension to the HackMotion app that allows golfers and golf coaches to set certain goals for a training session.

Training mode allows you to:

  1.  Implement predefined swing goals, such as flexion and extension at the top of your swing
  2. Define your own goals based on your swing pattern.

Use Training Mode when:

  1. You want to hone in on a certain aspect of your swing (the top of the backswing or impact).
  2. You want to track how well you were able to accomplish your goals throughout a session.
  3. You want to simplify the app interface to see only certain data points.

How to use the Training Goals Feature

  1. Open the HackMotion IOS map, and click on “Training” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Different golf swings require different goals. Select whether you will be working on “Full Swing” (including short game) or “Putting” (coming soon), or “Extension Control” (coming soon).

3. Under each mode (in this case, “Full Swing” is demonstrated), there is a list of pre-programmed goals. In this case, we see “Top of the Backswing” with a range of numbers highlighted, as well as “Powerful Impact Position.”

4. You can choose one of these goals to focus on, or you can create your own goal at the bottom of the screen.

5. When creating your own goal, you are prompted to fill out a name, a parameter to focus on (flexion and extension of the wrist vs. ulnar and radial deviation), and a goal range of degrees to stay within at each part of the swing (address, top, and impact).

6. After the goal has been selected, the app prompts you to start a new session, which you can name. Specify whether you are right or left handed, and whether the sensor is on the lead or trail wrist.

7. The app will take you back to a dashboard where only the goal you selected is displayed. You will see a range of degrees as well as stats on averages and consistency. 

8. At the end of the session, you can download a shareable review/summary, a useful tool for golf students to track their progress.

Screenshot of Training Goals Dashboard.

We are happy to provide this new Training Mode feature as a way to further improve your golf game!

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