Updating you sensor to the latest version

An exciting new update

We have released a new update for the HackMotion sensor to improve data accuracy and get rid of weird data readings 

And you have the chance to test it out before everyone else.

This feature is still being tested – but we are fairly confident that it will improve your overall HackMotion experience.

Since it’s still an experimental mode – if you notice any weird issues or behaviours with the latest update, please send us a message so that we can address it at support@hackmotion.com

Before you begin

1. This update is only available for the HackMotion iOS and Android app

2. Make sure that you have the latest version of your HackMotion app (You can double check this in the app store)

3. The update is only available for the HackMotion II sensiors

Step 1 - Open your HackMotion app

Firstly – you need to be authenticated in the app to be able to access the settings to enable the latest fix. 

After you have logged in from the home screen click your account button on the top left corner

Step 2 - Navigate to the settings

Once you are in your account page click the Settings button to access the sensors settings configuration screen

Step 3 - Update your sensor

You will need to update your sensor to the latest version. 

Make sure that you have connected your sensor to the application.

Click the “Update Sensor” button to start updating your sensor – the whole process should take less than 5 minutes

Do not exit the app or turn off the sensor while it is updating

Step 4 - Enable the new update

Now that you have the newest version – click the “Enable” button to start using the new swing measurement system.

Step 5 - Test it out!

Congratulations! That is all that you needed to do to implement our latest update that will eliminate all magnetic interference with your HackMotion data. 

If you had experienced data problems before – this should be able to help fix this problem for you. 

If you notice something weird happening with this setting enabled – no worries, just go back to the settings page where you enabled the new algorithm and you can simply disable it and the app will function just like before the update. 

We would be extremely grateful if you could send us a message to support@hackmotion.com if you experience any issues with this setting enabled.

Happy Golfing!

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