Full Swing – Flexion / Extension

Full swing / pitching data

Flexion(-) / Extension(+)

Bowed (-) / Cupped (+)

Arched (-) / Bent (+)


Standard grip, 24 deg. extension


Less extension than at address


Almost flat, only 1 deg. of extension

Graph view shows the same swing, but gives a more detailed view of the wrist motion throughout the swing. Vertical axis shows the degrees and horizontal axis shows time.

In graph you can see important details, for instance that the wrist was actually flexed (negative) right before impact and was  moving towards extension at impact.

On average players are around 20-40 degrees extended at address. Weaker grips have less extension, stronger grips have more.
Top – Stronger grips are more extended, weaker ones less extended, rarely there are cases when players are actually flexed.
Impact – stronger grips have bit of extension (+) at impact, weaker grips are slightly flexed (-).