Putting – Flexion / Extension

Putting data

Flexion(-) / Extension(+)

Bowing(-) / Cupping(+)

Arched(-) / Bent(+)

Tiles - Absolute values

The tile view displays the absolute values of flexion/extension at address, top and impact. This is great for a quick view of what the wrists are doing and if you are adding wrist extension or flexion during the putting stroke.


Extension at address, 21 deg.


Slightly decreased extension, 20 deg.


Slight increase in extension at impact

Graph - Relative values

The graph view displays the change in the wrist angles compared to address position (address is always zero). This is great for exploring a more detailed view of what the wrists are doing both before and after impact. The player in this sample data had very little wrist movement during the backswing, but actually decreased extension after impact.