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Did you know that 80% of your golf ball's direction depends on your clubface angle?

To hit a golf ball straight, you must control the clubface at impact. It’s that simple. And guess what? It’s your wrists that control that angle. Mastering wrist movement is not just a suggestion – it’s the fastest way to improve your game.

After analyzing more than a million swings with HackMotion, we’ve gathered valuable insights about the correct wrist positions in a swing. We’ve taken this knowledge, combined it with content and videos from top coaches, and webinar recordings, and compiled it all into one straightforward wrist mechanics guide. And now, it’s available for FREE!


1. Improving Clubface Control with HackMotion

The core of the HackMotion mission is to help golfers improve their clubface angles at impact. Learn how the wrist position influences clubface, what to do with HackMotion data, and what a typical wrist pattern should look like in a great golf swing.


2. Improving Putting with HackMotion

Learn how wrist angles control the face of the putter, what a good stroke looks like, and how a poor stroke will impact the golf ball. Ultimately learn what HackMotion can do to help you make more one-putts.

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3. Fixing Common Swing Faults

If you purchase HackMotion to help improve your swing, this is where you will get some incredible video advice from professionals. Biofeedback is an important feature of HackMotion; learn what takeaway faults, backswing errors, and excessive lead wrist flexion and ulnar deviation can do to the clubface.


4. Drill Demos

Discovered your issues but are unsure how to fix them? Drill demos will give you the tools you need to fix your wrist motion issues forever. Whether you are working on bunker shots or club head speed, these videos and drill demos show you the depth of the HackMotion feedback tool.

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5. Tour Player Patterns

The HackMotion is rooted in data from the best players in the game. These videos will show you the key wrist optimizations and ideal extension positions that help tour players strike the ball so purely. Even though there is no exact wrist angle that all golfers must obtain, these videos show you what close to perfect can look like.

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6. HackMotion Webinar Recordings

The HackMotion Webinar features information on how professionals use the HackMotion to help golfers learn. This exclusive webinar footage takes your understanding of wrist angles in golf to the next level.

Learn from World's Leading Coaches

Players around the world are already improving their swings with correct wrist mechanics. 

While you don’t need a HackMotion device to start benefiting from this guide, we believe that training with HackMotion can speed up learning and make your practice more effective by providing instant data and feedback, eliminating guesswork.

"Clubface is king when it comes to controlling the golf ball. "
Scott Cowx
PGA of Canada National Teacher of the Year
"It is essential, it's non-negotiable to have control over the wrists to be a high performer."
Mark Blackburn
PGA Teacher and Coach of the Year
"I have been applying the principles covered in HackMotion sessions to my swing changes and I’m making great progress."
Andy Smart
Golf Enthusiast

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