The Benefits of 3D Data and Biofeedback

Measure, Don't Guess

When making a change it is super important to always measure the progress. That way you know when you are actually improving and getting closer to your goal.

To learn more about how to measure wrist angles check out PGA coach Alistair Davies (UK Top 25 Coach) demonstrating biofeedback for position training and slow rehearsals.

He then shows how to set after-shot feedback for reinforcement learning.

Why use Real-Time Biofeedback

The truth is golfer’s current feel is often lying to them and leads to them not executing the shots they want.

By giving a fact-based feedback we can confirm whether their feel is right or wrong for what they are trying to do.

To learn more about real-time biofeedback check out this video by Brian Manzella (Golf Digest’s Top50 Coach).

Martin Chuck Explains HackMotion

If you are interested to learn more about HackMotion wrist sensor be sure to check this full video of Martin Chuck (GOLF Top-100) demonstrating how he uses HackMotion sensor to get his students into controlled and consistent impact position.

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