Pitching and Chipping

What Would You Like to Learn?

The Dynamics of Wedge Play – Mark Blackburn, Layne Savoie

Learn two crucial types of short game shots (high spin and low launch, low spin and high launch) to become more adaptive in your wedge game.

Pitching and Chipping – Scott Cowx

Scott Cowx explains his approach to the short game and demonstrates the lead wrist mechanics of 9 pitching and chipping shots.

Wrist Mechanics in Wedge Game - Steven Orr

Learn useful and practical insights on wrist mechanics for your wedge game from Steven Orr, who has researched and analyzed movement patterns of high level wedge players.

Wrist Alignment for Correct Use of the Bounce in Pitching

Learn to use the bounce in pitching by learning correct wrist alignments. Avoid excessive wrist flexion during your backswing.

Lead Wrist Mechanics in the Bunker Shot

Fredrik Lindblom (PGA Tour Canada) explains how to use the HackMotion sensor in training the lead wrist to maximize loft and expose the bounce in the bunker shot.

Drills for Wrist Motion in Wedge Game

Drills to improve wrist mechanics in short game by Steven Orr. Includes a table with “rule of thumb” HackMotion benchmarks for various distances at the end of the post.

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