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Online Golf Lessons vs In-Person – Pros, Cons & Which Option is Better?

Have you heard about golfers taking lessons online and seeing success?

There is certainly no conventional way to learn the game of golf anymore.

If you are undecided about whether online or in-person golf lessons are a better deal, I have all the answers you need.

As a former golf teaching professional, I also have another solution that could make a big difference in your game, and it doesn’t include any type of lesson.

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1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

Online Golf Lessons vs In-Person Golf Lessons – What are the Main Differences

The main difference between the online golf lesson and the in-person golf lesson is the timing of the feedback you get.

With online golf lessons, you record videos of your swing, send them to the instructor and get detailed feedback on what you need to work on next.

Some online golf instructors will give you a face-to-face call where they explain these things, while others send over an email.

In-person, lessons are a bit more timely in the feedback they offer.

As you hit golf balls at the range, you can get feedback and insight into what you are doing right and wrong at that moment.

golf coach give lesson to golf player

Advantages of Virtual Golf Lessons

I’ve never been a huge fan of online golf lessons, as they don’t work for my learning style.

However, I see the benefit, and I have had many students and friends who have done very well with their experience with online golf lessons.

  • Take a lesson anytime you want: don’t have time to schedule a Saturday morning session at the range, virtual golf lessons can happen whenever you have time, simply send in your results and wait for some feedback.
  • Wide range of teaching professionals: some areas of the country have very few quality golf teaching professionals to choose from, online lessons give you more options.
  • More variety in price: if all the golf clubs and courses near you charge the same amount for a golf lesson, access to online teachers may open the doors to some less expensive options.
  • Quick access to the teacher: many online golf teaching professionals allow you to email them with your questions or concerns; this can be for an additional cost, but it’s a nice feature.

I think the biggest advantage here is the access to any type of teaching professional and the ability to tap into many different golf lessons.

The major disadvantages are having to record your swing and being smart about actually implementing what was taught in these lessons.

Advantages of In-Person Golf Lessons

In-person, golf lessons are the more traditional way to get feedback on your golf game and take the information to improve your scores.

Here are the advantages you can expect from in-person golf lessons.

  • A great relationship with the professional: in-person golf lessons allow you to establish a relationship with the teaching professional, one that can last for years.
  • Real-time feedback: as you hit balls, you can get input into what you are doing right and wrong and make changes as you work on the range.
  • Personalized knowledge of the course you play: chances are the golf professional you are working with has lots of experience with the courses you play and can give you localized tips to improve.
  • On course lesson availability: with in-person golf lessons, you have a chance to play on the course with the pro and learn about how your game needs to improve.

The best thing about the in-person golf lessons is the ability to work on your issues while you are in front of the professional.

If you are slicing the ball a half hour later, you may have everything straightened out.

This is a huge advantage when compared to online golf lessons.

golf coach teaching golf player

Effectiveness of Online Golf Lessons vs In-Person Golf Lessons

The online golf lessons get some negative talk because of their effectiveness.

Are the golf professionals and experts that are providing that information really helping people to succeed, or are they just giving them advice and drills?

For the most part, online golf lessons can be very effective, but only for highly motivated individuals.

Those constantly searching for more information, better advice, and the next best step to improve their game will do really well with online golf lessons.

Essentially you have to be self-motivated.

Golfers that take in-person golf lessons don’t have to be quite as driven.

The pro essentially does some things for them while they are at the range, making it easier to improve.

However, the more self-driven golfers do make it much further when they can apply the information from a lesson to the course and their game.

Golf lessons can be effective, but they are not magic.

You have to take the information you learn, work it into your game, and continue to practice it until you are ready for the next one.

Scheduling a lesson every Saturday morning at 9 am is nice, but it won’t make you a great golfer.

golfer putting on green golf course

Are Private Golf Lessons Worth it?

Private golf lessons are worth it if you find the right professional.

In addition, you must also be a good student.

Don’t expect a private lesson to be a good fit if you will not take the feedback with an open mind.

If you are already going into the lesson with a list of things you refuse to change about your game or your swing, you may as well not go.

After many years of being in the golf business, I have learned that private golf lessons are truly not worth it for everyone.

However, learning the game of golf and improving is a fit for everyone.

Luckily with advances in golf technology, you can still improve your game and become a better player without taking golf lessons.

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1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

The Trouble with Finding the Right Coach

One of the significant problems with both online and in-person golf lessons is finding the right professionals to work with you.

A great golf professional is someone that not only understands the game inside and out but they also care about what you are doing and how you are progressing.

Many students go through several golf coaches before they find someone that is a good fit for their game.

Here are a few tips for finding the best golf teacher for your game.

  • Read reviews when available: many online golf coaches have a platform that allows you to read reviews and testimonials and try to find out what the strong points of the teacher are.
  • Look for adaptable teachers: some golf teachers are experts in one type of swing; if you don’t want to learn that specific swing, choose a golf coach that is a bit more versatile in their teaching methods.
  • Personality has to be a fit: if you really want to take your golf game to the next level, you have to find someone that is personable, fun to be around, and willing to make learning golf fun. (Yes, learning golf can be fun.)
  • The good ones can have long wait lists: some of the best golf teachers only have so much time in a day to help students, don’t be afraid to put your name on that waiting list and wait for some of the best teachers to become available.

Alternative to Both Online Golf Lessons and In-Person Golf Lessons

Can you get better at golf without taking lessons?


The key is to have a golf feedback tool that helps you get the data and information you would be getting with a golf professional.

If you like technology, gadgets, and feedback, you will like what HackMotion has to offer.

HackMotion wrist sensor on golf player hand

What is HackMotion?

HackMotion is a golf training aid that can work as an alternative to taking golf lessons.

The MackMotion is worn on the wrist, and it gives you real-time data and feedback the way you would with a golf coach.

HackMotion focuses on a player’s wrist position throughout their swing, something that directly impacts the impact position.

HackMotion can help increase distance, accuracy, and efficiency and decrease your scores. With HackMotion, you can analyze your stats and your performance to see if you are progressing.

The best part?

The price of the HackMotion golf training aid is the same as just two or three private lessons (either online or in person).

Purchasing a golf tool that you can return to over and over again to help you improve is truly an alternative to golf lessons.

Take a 2-minute Quiz and Step Up Your Game!

1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

How Can HackMotion Replace Golf Lessons?

HackMotion was built to be used by an individual golfer without the help of a coach or a friend.

The device slips on the wrist and will quickly get calibrated and start providing both audio and visual feedback.

The best thing about HackMotion is that you get your feedback right away.

If you remember correctly, one of my issues with online golf lessons is waiting for feedback.

Sometimes I may send in a video, and when the video comes back to me with analysis, it’s another three or four days before I can get out and practice the information provided in the video.

This is a long time.

It’s hard for golfers to stay focused and engaged for this long, and it makes online golf lessons only for those that can dedicate their attention and time.

HakMotion is there whenever you need it, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors to get the feedback you need.

Who is the HackMotion For?

Although there are plenty of HackMotion users that will combine their use of HackMotion with their online or in-person lessons, the real benefit of this tool is that you won’t need to rely on anyone to get answers about your swing.

Instead, you have HackMotion with you, and you can get the feedback and direction you need.

HackMotion also works for professionals when they are teaching and coaching. Teachers use this tool to help identify issues in a golfer’s swing and then give them direction as to what they need to do to fix it.

Everyone does well with instant feedback, whether from a device or a human. HackMotion allows you to have the feedback you need to improve at any time of day or night!

Final Thoughts

Whether it is online golf lessons or in-person golf lessons, the ultimate goal is to try and improve your golf game.

Online golf lessons work best for golfers that are motivated, introverted, and want to practice on their own.

In-person golf lessons allow players to interact with teachers, get instant feedback, and improve their abilities on the spot.

If you want improvement without paying for the lessons, HackMotion is an excellent alternative to both in-person and online golf lessons.

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