Interpreting Putting Data

Putting wrist data

What data is available?

Hackmotion sensor measures what the wrists are doing throughout the putting stroke – flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, rotation and also tempo of the swing. This data is displayed both live as well as instantly after each swing as numeric values at address, top and impact, an easy to read graph and a 3D hand model for visual analysis. Recorded data from each swing is automatically saved for future reviewing and comparison.

Flexion(-) / Extension(+)

Bowing(-) / Cupping(+)

Arched(-) / Bent(+)

Radial(+) / Ulnar(-) Deviation

Hinged(+) / Unhinged(-)

Cocked(+) / Uncocked(-)

Open(-) / Closed(+)

Swing Tempo

Timing of Backswing, Downswing

and Backswing/Downswing Ratio

Quick demo of putting data by Brian Manzella​