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Get FREE Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action

Get FREE Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action

5 simple drills created by golf coach and biomechanics expert Tyler Ferrell to help you achieve consistency and finally take control of your clubface.

Achieve consistency and master clubface control with 5 simple drills.

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Free Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action
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Find Your Rhythm: 7 Tempo Drills for a Flawless Golf Swing

Do you ever have days on the course where everything feels like it is going your way? You step up to the first tee, and it feels natural to generate power in your game.

This is likely because your golf tempo is in check that day. Golf tempo quickly can get off track and one of the easiest ways to get it back is to practice golf swing tempo drills.

We have put together five of the best golf swing tempo drills around. You can work on these without anything other than a golf club and a few golf balls.

Find one of these tempo drills to incorporate into your daily routine. You will find that you play much more consistent golf and can make progress with other areas of your game.

The 5 Best Golf Tempo Drills for Every Golfer

Three Driver Three Wedge Drill – Payne Stewart

Martin Hall presents this drill, but it’s a drill that he learned from Payne Stewart. Payne Stewart’s father would have him work on this drill as a way to improve tempo and become a better ball striker.

The drill requires you to hit three sand wedges and three drivers. After you have completed three driver swings, switch back to the sand wedges.

The idea is that you’ll develop an even tempo throughout your bag.

You may find your swing a little faster with the driver than the sand wedge, but you can still have a consistent and balanced tempo.

This drill also helps driving range practice become more effective; it’s better than hitting 15 drives in a row and exhausting yourself.

One Two Core Drill – Me and My Golf

Incorporating the larger muscles, especially the core, into the swing will help ensure better tempo and more control.

This drill is quite simple, and you can do it with a driver.

Count to two on the way back and then hit the ball.

You’ll make your turn more of a 90-degree turn, something that most golfers don’t achieve. In addition, you’ll have a lot of power queued up and ready to hit the actual shot.

You don’t have to have a two second backswing, the pace of your 1, 2 can be the pace you choose. However, getting these little counts in will improve both timing and tempo.

Load Than Swoosh Drill – Scratch Golf Academy

In this video from Adam Bazalgette, you will find a few drills to work on tempo.

He starts with a drill to get your takeaway started with some momentum and then moves to a drill that will load the club with a lot of potential power.

Take a half-backswing back for this drill, feel the weight shift to the lead side, and then try to get a swoosh through the ball from this position.

Your tempo will even out, you’ll be more stable and your chance of hitting higher and longer golf shots is greatly improved.

The tempo in golf has to be felt, and a drill like this will help you feel the right things.

Feet Together Drill – Andy Carter

One of the best points that Andy Carter makes in this video is that tempo does not need to be slow. The key to having a great tempo and helping you hit better shots is to make sure it’s consistent.

Put your feet together and hit golf shots.

You’ll be amazed at how it settles your tempo and timing and makes you a better golfer. Start your warmup before a round like this to really see the benefits on the golf course.

You can do this with any club, but it’s easiest to start with a short iron and play around with it from there.

Right Left Tempo Drill – US Golf TV

One of the ways to work on tempo in your golf swing is to improve weight transfer.

If you transfer weight at the correct time and let it move in the direction of the club, your tempo will be better.

This drill shows you how to transfer weight to the right (and move the club to the right) and then transfer weight to the left (and move the club to the left).

The drill called the Right Left Tempo Drill is very much like the One Two Core Drill we mentioned earlier. However, sometimes, with this little extra bit of focus on weight transfer, it’s easier to make the necessary changes and feel the difference in the game.

Final Thoughts

Most amateur golfers make the mistake of slowing down their golf swing as they think they are working on their tempo.

That’s not how tempo works. Even golfers with slow swing speeds can have trouble with their swing tempo.

Instead, use these drills to get a consistent tempo that helps you produce speed and distance in each of your golf shots.

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