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Full Swing Insights – Brian Manzella

Golf Digest Top 50 coach Brian Manzella shares his observations of wrist motion in full swing and demonstrates drills to improve it.

Watch the webinar by Brian Manzella (35 min)

After demonstrating and explaining the wrist motion in full swing that works best in Brian’s experience, various swing related questions are discussed in the second part of the webinar.  

Brian invites to notice if there are “droops” or irregularities  in the golf swing. Particularly, in radial deviation (wrist cocking):

  • Is there additional ulnar deviation in takeaway? 
  • Are you adding additional radial deviation (downcock) in transition?  

Try the drills suggested by Brian to stabilize the wrist motion, then observe if these improvements bring desired results. 

Example swing: ulnar(-) /radial(+) deviation

Brian Manzella invites to notice the irregularities in wrist motion

What’s next?

3 types of wrist patterns

Canada PGA Teacher of the year Scott Cowx explains 3 different wrist motion patterns of tour players

Drills to improve wrist mechanics

Coaches Jason Sutton and Robbie Failes demonstrate practical drills how to improve club face control

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