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Impact Laws and Wrist Angles - Insights from Adam Young's Webinar

Last updated on January 29, 2024

Coach Adam Young recently gave a presentation and webinar on the impact laws and how wrist angles play into each of these things.

Adam explains the laws and how you can make changes and adjustments in your swing to always have a square face at impact. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, here is a brief recap of all the most important information.

Key Takeaways

  • Aim for a ball first, turf second strike to improve overall shot quality.
  • Experiment with different grip strengths and adjust wrist angles for desired face orientation.
  • Modify the hand path to influence the club’s swing path, and practice both inside out and outside in paths.
  • Focus on synchronizing body rotation with arm movements to develop a smoother and more controlled swing path.
  • To generate more speed, extend the hand path.

Impact Laws and Wrist Angles

Here’s a brief overview of the impact laws and how wrist angles play into the angle of the face at impact.

Face Strike

To improve sweet spot strikes, golfers need to adjust both their hand path and club orientation. Practicing with different hand positions at impact to understand how the face is controlled by the wrists.

To get to the proper position at impact, you’ll need to understand what the clubface looks like at impact.

Ground Contact

You’ll need a ball first and turf second strike to achieve consistent ball striking. To get the best ground contact position, you will want to adjust the swing low point.

To get a consistent low point in the swing, work on drills to stabilize the hand position relative to the ball at impact. Unnecessary hand and wrist movements will lead to inconsistent and poor strikes.

Face Direction

Having a neutral grip at impact will lead to your best chance of success throughout the golf swing. Work on flexion and extension exercises to learn to control the face orientation. In addition, play with the effects of a strong and weak grip on the face direction at impact.

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Club Path

Golfers should understand how to take an inside-out and outside swing path. If you can feel different swing paths, you can fix errors quickly on the course and get back to a square ball strike.

Body rotation and arm swing need to be synchronized to make proper adjustments to the club path.

Club Speed

The larger the swing and the longer the hand path, the more speed you can get from the golf club. Combining body rotation and wrist hinge (not one without the other) will help to efficiently transfer power.

Acceleration drills are recommended to ensure you are always moving the club through impact at a high rate of speed.

Angle of Attack

To improve the angle of attack, work on the release of the timing. In addition, the swing plane can be adjusted to find the most effective angle based on the club in the hand.

Finally, all golfers should know the ball position and weight distribution and how that plays into the angle of attract and ground contact.

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic loft can be adjusted with shaft lean at setup and again at impact. When going for a golf club fitting, optimize dynamic loft for your individual swing characteristics. Wrist angles at impact can be adjusted to control the loft.

Final Thoughts

The wrists and hands have a tremendous impact on ball flight. By breaking down these impact laws and how wrist angles play into them, we can learn a lot about improving the direction, accuracy, and distance of all golf shots.

Take some time to watch this video, and do it while you wear your HackMotion. See where your game could use a little help to become a more consistent ball striker.

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