Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get up and running with Hackmotion

Our Tutorials

Understand how to use HackMotion and the data that we offer

Getting Started with Hackmotion

Learn more about our sensor, its technical specifications and how to wear the sensor with or without a glove

How to Calibrate and Start a Session

Learn how to properly calibrate your sensor, what to expect when you connect for the first time and the basics on how to interact with the application

Mastering Clubface Control

Learn how to interpret the data for our Clubface Control mode. How we calculate the Backswing and Downswing metrics and why the recommended range matters.

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Understand Flexion and Extension

Understand what is flexion and extension, how it influences your swings and how we measure it with HackMotion

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Learn from the best

Learn how top PGA coaches and tour professionals use HackMotion

Utilising Biofeedback by Davies Alistair

Watch how top PGA tour couch Davies Alistair uses HackMotion and our biofeedback function in his coaching sessions.

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Note: When Alistair talks about Ulnar / Radial deviation, that is only accessible with the HackMotion PRO

Motorcycle Drill Using Biofeedback by Tyler Ferrell

Understand how to use the Motorcyle drill together with our Biofeedback sound function to get immediate feedback and get more flexed during your swing

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How to get a more flat left wrist by Rob Cheney

FLAT LEFT (LEAD) WRIST has long been considered an important part of all good swings. In fact, The Golfing Machine book actually includes the “FLAT LEFT WRIST” as one of its THREE IMPERATIVES.

A FLAT LEFT WRIST at impact has long been demonstrated by the world’s best golfers while remaining seemingly unattainable for the vast majority of amateur golfers across the globe.

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Putting with HackMotin by Rob Cheney

Watch how Rob Cheney explains his approach to a stable putt using the Putting Wrist Stability mode in HackMotion

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How the wrists work during the backswing and downswing by David Alistair

Alistair Davies golf shares with you the number 1 method to start the swing correctly. He shares some great tips and concepts to get your takeaway on point.