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Webinar - 3 Tour Methods of Delivery by Scott Cowx

Scott Cowx (Canada PGA Coach of the Year) presents 3 Tour Methods of Delivery.

Managing Wrist Movements in Different Swing Types by James Leitz

James Leitz (Golf Magazine Top100 Teacher) explains how wrist angles work for different types of swing matchups and how to teach them.

Understanding Wrist Graphs by Brian Manzella

Brian Manzella (Golf Digest Top50 Teacher) explains how to read wrist graphs. Recording from 2020 PGA Show’s Hackmotion Seminar.

German Language Instruction Videos

PGA coach Christoph Bausek demonstrates how to use HackMotion (German language video series).

Full Swing Insights – Brian Manzella

Golf Digest Top 50 coach Brian Manzella shares his observations on lead wrist motion in full swings and demonstrates drills to improve it.

Coaching Philosophy of Tour Coach Hugh Marr

HackMotion PGA Show 2021 online webinar: Hugh Marr shares his approach to coaching when working with Tour players.

Measuring Rotation and Using Benchmarking Mode

During this webinar, Brian Manzella explains how the HackMotion sensor’s rotation and benchmarking features work and how to use them.

5 Common Amateur Swing Faults – Christoph Bausek

Christoph Bausek (Progressive Golf) presents 5 common amateur swing faults, explains how to notice and fix them with HackMotion sensor.

Benchmarks for the Lead Wrist in Full Swing

Although the golf swing differs from player to player, Alistair Davies has shared a detailed example that coaches and players can apply when starting to optimize their wrist angles.

Drills to Improve Wrist Mechanics

Jason Sutton and Robbie Failes share their favourite drills to improve wrist mechanics. Lead wrist and trail wrist drills included.

Identifying Stroke Patterns - David Angelotti

Learn more about identifying and analyzing putting stroke patterns from coach David Angelotti. Includes stroke data of PGA TOUR player J. T. Poston.

Measuring Wrist Motion in Putting by David Orr

David Orr (PGA Tour Putting coach, Flatstick Academy) analyzes one of the best putters ever Brad Faxon’s putting stroke in his presentation “Measuring Wrist Motion in Putting”.

How Tour Players Grip the Club

How do the best golfers really grip the club and move their hands? by Andrea Zanardelli, PGA Teaching Professional

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