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Lead Wrist Extension to Maximize Loft in the Bunker Shot

In this post Fredrik Lindblom (PGA Tour Canada, co-founder of Short Game Gains) explains how to use HackMotion sensor and train the lead wrist to maximize loft and expose the bounce in the bunker shot.

A common issue why golfers struggle with the bunker shot is because they use their lead wrist the same as in full swing. 
In full swing – typically the golfer should move the lead wrist move towards flexion (bowing). That allows deloft the clubface and hit it further.

In bunker shot – the goal is the opposite:

To launch the ball high, the lead wrist should be extended (cupped) throughout the swing.  

Watch the video to see how Fredrik explains it using HackMotion wrist data.

Instructional video by Fredrik Lindblom (3 min)

Improve the bunker shot with HackMotion

  1. Practice the wrist motion in the swing with live readings of lead wrist extension/flexion;
  2. Add more extension during set up;
  3. The extension should remain positive throughout the swing.

Track the progress by measuring the actual swings with HackMotion sensor and work on developing consistent wrist movement.

To see a drill with HackMotion biofeedback Fredrik Linblom recommends (with included benchmarks), check out our Exclusive Content Pack. It includes step-by-step guides and demos by world’s leading coaches – expert HackMotion users. Find it here. 

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