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Get FREE Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action

Get FREE Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action

5 simple drills created by golf coach and biomechanics expert Tyler Ferrell to help you achieve consistency and finally take control of your clubface.

Achieve consistency and master clubface control with 5 simple drills.

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Free Drills to Unlock Tour Level Wrist Action
Unlock Tour-Level Wrist Action
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The 6 Effective Drills for a Productive Driving Range Session

The driving range is the perfect place to work on golf drills.

However, most golfers struggle to get their driving range session to be effective. They go out there and warm up with a few iron shots and then start smashing drivers for 20 minutes.

If you can be a little more intentional about your practice on the range and incorporate the correct drills, you’ll shoot lower scores and become a better player.

Here are the 6 best drills to do at the driving range. Read this before you head out to practice today.

The 6 Best Drills to Do at The Driving Range

Handle in the Bucket Drill – Tyler Ferrell

At HackMotion, one of the major issues we are trying to help golfers combat is the slice.

For most players, a slice is exaggerated with the driver. If you are a player who wants to straighten out your drive, the Handle in the Bucket Drill from Tyler Ferrell could be a great choice.

With this, you’ll need a bucket from the driving range (so you are in the perfect place). The drill is just a visual drill that helps you feel like you are going to drop the Handle of the club into the range bucket.

If you work on this drill enough, the next time you head to the range, you’ll see how much easier it is to manufacture this same movement.

Preset Drill – Chris Ryan Golf

Chris Ryan demonstrates a drill that can help golfers who are having trouble mastering the backswing.

The preset drill involves getting the club into the perfect spot that allows for a simple rotation movement. If you can get into this position, the rest should be easy.

However, you’ll have to practice a bit with this, and the best place to do that is by driving in the range.

Draw vs. Fade Drill – Kieren Pratt

If you are a golfer who still hits the majority of your golf shots straight, it may be time to focus on a drill like this from PGA Pro Kieran Pratt.

Kieran shows us how he has students work on hitting a draw and a fade, one after another. The goal is to learn to make changes to your game that positively impact you on the golf course.

If you spend enough time on the range, you should be able to learn to hit a straight shot and repeat it.

However, the players who really shoot low scores and go after pins do it by working the ball. If you can hit a draw and then a fade with a 9 iron, switch to the 8 iron and repeat the drill. You’ll want to put the alignment stick out in front of you to make sure you are taking the club on the correct path.

45-75-95 Yard Shots – Bryan Brothers

The Bryan Brothers have made quite a name for themselves in the YouTube industry. However, they also have some great drills they use when practicing.

This one shows how you can put an alignment stick with a noodle in the ground and practice the 45, 75, and 95-yard shots.

You’ll hit a shot from each distance until you can get one to land within 6-8 feet of the pin. Then you can move on to the next club.

The key with these 45, 75, and 95-yard distances is that they are usually in between type shots that players struggle with. This drill should help.

Play the Course – Mr. Short Game

It’s easy to look for golf practice drills that work on technical positions in the swing.

It’s also important to work on the mental game.

In this drill, you will learn to play a round of golf while you are on the range. You can adapt this to work for your game.

The concept is that you can stay mentally engaged during your practice session the entire time.

If you have not tried this type of practice at the range, it’s the most effective way to carry the benefits with you to the course.

Ball First Impact – Rick Shiels Golf

Hitting the ball first ensures a clean shot with good ball flight and plenty of distance.

Most amateur players are still doing things to try and lift the ball off the ground or force it up into the air. Don’t do this.

With this video from Rick Shiels Golf, you will see how to hit the ball first and then the turf.

The simple concept of putting a golf club down on the ground to help you track and visualize this is a great benefit.

In addition, you’ll see why body rotation plays into this and the best ways to get a more effective and reliable turn in your swing.

Final Thoughts

If you need more golf drills to do at the driving range, simply check out our other articles on the best golf drills.

You’ll find lots of options for working on everything from your chipping to gaining distance in your driver. Schedule time to practice on the range each week, and the benefits will be far-reaching.

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