Interpreting Full Swing Data

Full swing wrist data

What data is available?

Hackmotion sensor measures what your wrists are doing throughout the swing – flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and also timing of the swing. This data is displayed both live as well as instantly after each swing as numeric values at address, top and impact, a graph and a 3D hand model for visual analysis. Recorded data from each swing is automatically saved for future reviewing and comparison.

Flexion(-) / Extension(+)

Bowing(-) / Cupping(+)

Arched(-) / Bent(+)

Radial(+) / Ulnar(-) Deviation

Hinged(+) / Unhinged(-)

Cocked(+) / Uncocked(-)

Swing Tempo

Timing of Backswing, Downswing and Backswing/Downswing Ratio

Comparison of wrist data​

Once the wrist motion is measured, you can use it to identify what part to work on and measure your progress. You can also select your desired biofeedback range to work with.

Due to different player’s having different grip strength and wrists having different range of motion you might see quite different data. We do not advocate one “perfect range” for all players, since grip strength and swing pattern has huge influence and tour player data shows a wide range for effective wrist motion.

It is also important to pay attention to the calibration step and try to calibrate the sensor in the same way every time to establish a reference point to compare against. If you see huge differences in the data (for instance, 40 deg.) most likely it is due to initial calibration differences. In such a case, please recalibrate the sensor.

Navigating the app