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How to Become a Very Consistent Ball Striker (Video by SagutoGolf)

The wrist controls the clubface, and when the wrist is in the correct position, it becomes incredibly easy to hit a straight shot.

It really is as simple as that.

Tom Saguto (PGA Professional) put the HackMotion on his lead wrist to help lead us through a demonstration of how the wrists can be the secret to becoming a consistent ball striker.

Key Takeaways

  • Cupping the lead wrist at the top of the backswing and then again at impact is the number one fault of most amateur golfers.
  • The impact position is best when the lead wrist is flat or slightly bowed.
  • Ball flight and direction will be compromised without a proper lead wrist position.
  • Even great players (Saguto included) need a reminder from time to time of their wrist positioning and how it can improve.

How to Become a Very Consistent Ball Striker

In this video, we learn about what it takes to become a consistent ball striker (especially with iron shots).

Here’s a quick recap of the key points covered in the video.

1. Top of the Backswing

The most common issue for amateur golfers is an extended or cupped wrist at the top of the backswing.

It’s easy to get into this position because we can’t see where the club is behind us.

However, after analyzing thousands of golf swings with the HackMotion, and from decades’ worth of golf knowledge, we know that a cupped wrist at the top of the backswing almost always leads to a loss of power, loss of consistency, and an open clubface at impact.

A better position is a flat or slightly bowed lead wrist.

2. Downswing Corrections

On the downswing, Tom recommends reducing any extension that may be in place and getting the wrist to a flat or bowed position.

It’s impossible to take the club over the top when keeping the wrist less cupped and more bowed. Our arms and wrists just don’t work that way, as you will see in the video.

3. Impact Position

Impact requires a flat or slightly bowed lead wrist. Most professionals have this lead wrist bowed to help compress the ball a little more.

The extra compression improves total distance, but it also improves ball flight and control.

As you will see in the video, this bowed position at impact is hard to get to, but HackMotion makes it easy to make a change in a matter of minutes.

How HackMotion Can Help

HackMotion has various features that can help you become a more consistent ball striker. However, Tom Saguto found the most benefit in working with the biofeedback feature of HackMotion.

Here are a couple of the main points that could help you get the most out of your HackMotion and move towards lower scores within a matter of a few hours of practice.

HackMotion golf training aid wrist sensor
HackMotion - The Key to Unlock Consistency

Master clubface control to improve accuracy and consistency on the golf course.

Real-Time Reading of Movements

The HackMotion works in real-time to give you feedback on your golf swing. With most training aids waiting until after you strike the ball, this is a tremendous benefit.

When practicing with HackMotion, you can even swing indoors and just practice the motion; you won’t need a ball for it to work.

Discovery and Long Term Improvement

The first part of this process is learning your wrist position. It’s very hard to tell the amount of cupping or bowing until you put a wrist sensor on.

Although a video may give you a general idea, it’s certainly not the same as a measurement of wrist position.

hackmotion audio feedback feature

Not So Much About Position – More About Noise and Feel

One of Tom’s most important points is the idea that when using the biofeedback feature, you can listen for the “angelic noise” and focus much less on position and more on achieving the right noise and feel.

It’s a unique way to practice and one that works for many players who find wrist position confusing and difficult to work on (you are not alone!).

Adjust Settings as Your Game Changes

Lastly, the proper wrist position setting on the HackMotion is very easy to adjust. If you are dealing with a severely cupped wrist at the moment, gradually work your way to flat by setting the HackMotion to notify you when the wrist is too extended.

As your game improves, simply adjust the settings on your HackMotion.

hackmotion customize drills and range

Final Thoughts

PGA Instructor Tom Saguto says the HackMotion is like having an instructor at your home. The information and data that you get from HackMotion will improve course performance, increase your desire to practice, and, most importantly, allow you to become a very consistent ball striker.

If you don’t already have a HackMotion, make sure to get one today so you get the wrist position in your golf swing correct.

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