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Before & After: A 6-Month Journey with HackMotion - Review by Backyard Golfer

Last updated on November 27, 2023

HackMotion helps your game improve at a faster pace than other golf training aids. However, one of the things that is not talked about often enough is how much HackMotion can help you over an extended period of time.

What can happen to your game after six months of work with HackMotion? See HackMotion review by Backyard Golfer below.

Backyard Golfer HackMotion Review Summary

Data Comparison

HackMotion records your data over time, so each of your practice sessions will be recorded for you. Comparing data from your initial practice sessions to your sessions after you have worked with HackMotion is where you will see tremendous changes in your game.

Original Numbers for Extension & Flexion

  • Address +20
  • Top +6
  • Impact +18

When we look at the original extension and flexion numbers, it’s easy to see an issue with the lead wrist being too flexed at impact. The position between address and the top had a decrease in extension, which is not necessarily bad, but from the top down, too much extension was added back in.

The main problem here is too much extension at impact, a problem that leads to inconsistency, shots that do not hit the target, and higher scores. Luckily, this is something that HackMotion can fix.

too much extension at impact - printscreen from hackmotion app

After HackMotion Numbers for Extension & Flexion

  • Address +23
  • Top + 31
  • Impact +6

After 6 months of working with HackMotion, the new numbers show that impact has improved considerably from the original data set. In addition, we see that the amount of extension from the top of the swing to impact has significantly decreased, meaning the golfer is moving towards flexion (a good thing) on the downswing.

What Were the Main Improvements?

After 6 months of consistent practice, these are some big changes in wrist functionality and improvement. However, what we really want to know as golfers is what these improvements look like in the game.

This golfer noticed some of the following improvements:

  • The impact position feels better; a more solid strike.
  • Launch angle is higher.
  • More carry distance.
  • Higher chance of a draw ball flight as opposed to a slice or fade ball flight.
HackMotion golf training aid wrist sensor
HackMotion - The Key to Unlock Consistency

Master clubface control to improve accuracy and consistency on the golf course.

The HackMotion Difference

The HackMotion device works in real-time to measure your wrist action in your golf swing. The HackMotion allows you to match up feel with mechanics, making it possible to change your golf swing with ease.

As you train with HackMotion swing trainer, you can use audio feedback to adjust your wrist angles and get your golf game back on track.

HackMotion does not interfere with your golf swing in any way, and it makes one of the more difficult concepts in golf (wrist action and wrist motion) something that all amateur players can understand.

If you are looking to make big changes in your game that equate to more distance, better consistency, and lower scores, give the HackMotion a try.

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