Trail Wrist

1. Put the sensor on your trail wrist. When starting a new session, select your playing side (are you playing right of left handed)  and click Wrist Options: 
2. Choose Trail Wrist mode:

Option 1: To measure the wrist motion of both hands simultaneously you will need:
  1. Two HackMotion sensors;
  2. Two devices – iPhone, iPad or Windows. 
  3. The data from each wrist sensor will go to its own device and should be analyzed separately.
Option 2: Switching between two sensors (wearing two HackMotion sensors while using one device):
  1. If you prefer, you can use two sensors and one device – keep only one sensor turned on when measuring.
  2. When you want to switch hands, turn off the first sensor and turn on the second one, switch your sensor mode in the app. HackMotion application will now connect to the second sensor.

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