Troubleshooting Data Accuracy

  1. Make sure that the sensor is properly fixed to the hand and doesn’t slide/move.
  2. After switching on the device, before calibration make sure to rotate your hand freely in the air for couple of seconds (this allows the sensors to self correct and settle after power up).
  3. If swings are not captured or data seems off, do a quick “sanity” check by checking if the real-time 3D model and flexion/extension, radial/ulnar data corresponds to what you expect.
  4. If not, first rotate the hand freely in the air to allow sensors to self correct and settle.
  5. If this doesn’t help, do a quick hand re-calibration.
  6. In case the data still seems off, simply turn off both the sensor and the app to fully restart the system.

Technical Support

If you are having issues resolving the problem, email us at

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