Improving Wrist Alignment in the Putting Stroke

Wrist Data for Putting

Several tools measure what the putter clubface is doing, but few of them look at the causes of the clubface motion. One of the main causes of clubface motion is the wrist motion.

Using HackMotion wrist sensor you get immediate lead wrist data after each putting stroke.

One of the main differences we see between pros and amateurs is the amount of change in wrist angles throughout the putting stroke.


Green – Flexion/extension at Address, Top and Impact

Blue – Radial/ulnar deviation at Address, Top and Impact
Yellow – Rotation at Address, Top and Impact

BEFORE – the lines on the right side and are more “wavy” meaning there is more wrist action. Rotation (yellow values) goes from square (0 degrees) to 5 degrees open to 3 degree closed at impact.

AFTER image – the wrist motion is a lot smoother. For example, rotation now starts at square (0 degree) and goes to only 4 degrees open and back to 0 degrees at impact.

Rotation During Putting Stroke

Rotation of the clubface is very important and total lead wrist rotation measured by HackMotion is very correlated to it.

There are different putting styles and each of them will have its own signature rotation data.

Arc Stroke – more rotation open to closed (as in the image – 6 degrees rotation open top of backswing)

Straight Back  Straight Through – very little rotation, will look more like a straight line.


To take a deep dive into putting data you can take a look HERE


Putting Mode Webinar

To see how HackMotion putting mode works live, take a look at this webinar recording with Brian Manzella (Golf Digest Top50 Coach)

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