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Hit Like a Pro: 7 Proven Tips to Master Your Hybrid Shots Every Time

Hybrids are supposed to be the easiest club in the bag to hit, right?

Well, that’s not the case for all golfers. In fact, some players are still wrestling with their long irons because they can’t quite get the hybrid concept down.

If that sounds like your golf game, you are in the right place.

I know you have the basics of how to actually swing the hybrid. The piece you are missing are the common mistakes, the little tips and tricks that make hitting a hybrid so much simpler.

Let’s take a look at how things like tempo, wrist action, and grip could be that missing link you need to get the hybrid working.

How to Hit a Hybrid Club (Key Takeaways)

Here are the most important tips you need to hit hybrid clubs. Take some time to read through our entire article and watch the videos with drills and strategies to become better with the hybrid.

  • Hybrids should be played slightly forward of center, and you should aim to hit down and through the golf shot.
  • A hybrid swing from the rough may be shorter and more aggressive than a more sweeping type swing when hitting from the fairway.
  • Check your lead wrist position at the top of your swing and again at impact to make sure it is flat or even slightly flexed – you’ll get more consistent contact.
  • Transfer weight forward to the lead side so you strike the ball with weight on the lead foot.
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1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

7 Key Tips for Hitting a Hybrid Correctly

These are great tips and drills to work through to ensure you start playing the hybrid correctly.

If something feels like it’s not clicking for you, move on to the next one.

In the end, all it takes is one great drill, and you will be on your way to lower your scores.

1. Check Your Ball Position

To start off with something very easy, you can check the ball position of your hybrid.

Ball position is tricky because it changes depending on what club you have in your hand. For the hybrid the ball needs to be just forward of center.

If you are playing a 3 or 2 hybrid, and the loft is even lower, and the club length is longer, it’s acceptable to put the ball a little further forward.

I like to lay a loose tee on the ground in front of the ball. I want to make sure I strike the ball first and then the tee. If this isn’t happening, the ball position could be the culprit.

Always use alignment sticks on the driving range to ensure you can dial in that perfect ball position.

2. Think Driver and Fairway Tempo

You will hit better shots with your hybrid if you keep the tempo more like it is with the driver and fairway wood.

If you get quicker in that transition, like you might with a wedge or short iron, the results are typically not as good.

Think about the hybrid as being a longer club and giving yourself some time on the backswing.

Try the concept of counting “one-two” on the backswing and then swinging down on three. The smooth tempo should help you make more consistent contact.

3. Lead Wrist Flat at Impact

After analyzing more than 1,000,000 golf swings we know that a flat or even slightly flexed lead wrist position at impact is best.

too much extension at impact position using HackMotion app

However, some golfers still struggle with this concept and leave the lead wrist too extended through impact.

When you have a bit of flexion in the lead wrist, you can get that forward shaft lean, cleaner, and more downward strike. The ball should fly up further.

Taking a small divot with the hybrid is completely fine.

4. Limit the Hinge on the Backswing

Golfers tend to over exaggerate the amount of wrist hinge they have in their golf swing. Many players start the takeaway with just a wrist hinge and this can cause some issues with the hybrid.

In this video from Zach Allen you will learn some surprising details about the amount of wrist hinge Tiger Woods has in his swing.

However, most importantly, you’ll see where the wrist hinge starts; it’s later than you think.

5. Check Your Lie and Adapt Your Swing

One of the reasons golfers love to say the hybrids are easy to hit is because they are so adaptable.

However, this adaptability doesn’t necessarily mean you can just step up and hit a golf shot without any consideration for the lie.

When in the rough you’ll likely need to play the ball in the middle of the stance and take closer to a 3 ? 4 type swing. The ball may come out low but it should be a penetrating shot that gives you some much needed distance.

In addition, if your ball is in a perfect lie on the fairway, you can play more of a stock hybrid shot with that sweeping type swing and controlled tempo.

Make sure that when you practice your hybrid, you vary the lie and always maintain balance and control.

Take a 2-minute Quiz and Step Up Your Game!

1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

6. Keep Weight Moving Forward to Adjust the Bottom of the Arc

The hybrid looks different from other clubs in your bag. It’s also longer and that can throw off some of your ideas and concepts as to how this thing is going to get in the air.

The good news is, you can find the perfect bottom of your swing arc if you transfer your weight correctly to your lead side through impact.

The turning and transfer of the weight will move the bottom of the swing art to be just past the golf ball.

This lets you strike the ball first and then the turf, and you’ll have much better control over your hybrid.

7. Get the Lead Knee Moving Toward the Target

Many golfers use their hybrid for shots that are more than 200 yards. This means there is some work to do to try and get distance.

The way most players do this is by pushing through their legs and getting to the lead side (left side for right handed players).

However, sometimes in this process, the lead leg straightens, and then you start hitting thin shots.

In this video, you can visualize what it takes to get the knee to move towards the target on the downswing. This motion improves the contact point and increases distance the right way.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about hitting hybrid clubs.

Why do I struggle to hit a hybrid?

If you are attempting to hit a hybrid on your upswing (like you do with a driver), it could cause you some issues. Move the ball back slightly so it is just forward of the middle and hit down and through the shot with a controlled tempo.

Where in your stance should you play hybrids?

Play your hybrids just forward of center. Playing them too far forward of center could cause you to hit thin shots.

How do you use hybrid clubs?

Hybrid clubs are versatile and can be used from the rough or short grass. It’s best to play a hybrid more like an iron, and hit the ball with a downward strike.

Why do I keep topping my hybrid?

Topping the hybrid comes when your weight stays back on your trail side and you try to swing just your hands and arms through impact.

To keep this from happening, make the first move down from the backswing a transition of your weight to your lead foot.

Final Thoughts

At this point you should feel more confident in your ability to hit hybrid clubs.

These little tweaks will work with your current swing and your abilities to get you on the right track.

Don’t make any major adjustments. This is just another club in the bag and won’t need you to rework your entire swing.

Use technology like HackMotion to make big changes in your game after just a short period of time.

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Brittany Olizarowicz
written by Britt Olizarowicz

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