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Where to Focus Your Eyes When Hitting a Golf Ball? (Answered!)

Where to focus your eyes when hitting a golf ball is not a highly discussed topic among amateur golfers.

In this post, I explain where to look when hitting different golf shots and how visual acuity can set you up for a successful strike.

By the end of this post, you will know where to look when hitting a draw, fade, or straight shot.

Plus, I explain how to set up a greenside bunker to catch enough sand at the bottom of your swing.

Where to Focus Your Eyes During the Golf Swing? (Key Takeaways)

  • The position of your eyes at address helps you envision your shot.
  • Focus behind the equator for straight golf shots.
  • Look at the back right of the ball to prepare for a draw.
  • Focus your eyes on the back left of the ball to hit a fade.
  • Look at the sand an inch behind the ball for bunker shots.
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Where to Look when Hitting the Golf Ball?

If you insist on focusing on the golf ball at address, I recommend directly behind the ball’s equator for straight shots.

However, golf coach Clay Ballard explains that he, like many golfers, does not focus his eyes on any particular region of the golf ball.

This is due to your clubface position at impact, which determines the flight, not the part of the ball you strike.

Instead, he is playing his shot over in his head, communicating to his muscles to replicate the desired movements.

The reason amateurs find this area important is their discomfort over the top of the ball and their inability to envision their wanted shots.

So, players feel that looking at the ball will increase focus and the ability to strike the ball at the intended point.

Ballard also suggests picturing an arrow behind the ball, pointing straight for a straight shot. The arrow alters course and points northeast for a draw and northwest for a fade.

Take a 2-minute Quiz and Step Up Your Game!

1. What do you want to improve in your full swing?

Where to Focus Your Eyes for Straight Shots?

Professional golf coaches recommend keeping your eyes focused on the back of the ball during your swing for a straight shot.

While it does not guarantee a straight shot, it helps you visualize the path of the clubface through impact and the intended ball flight that follows.

Eyeing this part of the ball makes it easier for the average golfer to picture squaring the clubface at contact and prompting a straight shot.

golf clubface square open closed illustration

Where to Look When Hitting a Draw?

Following Ballard’s advice, we focus our eyes on the back right side of the golf ball or your left.

Naturally, a draw demands an inside-to-out club path, with a closed clubface at impact. This starts your ball right of the target and leaves room for it to draw back.

Since your ball needs to start to your right, you want to focus on the right back part to imagine your inside-out swing path.

Where to Look When Hitting a Fade?

Contrary to a draw, you should fix your eyes on the back outside part of the golf ball, as Ballard demonstrates here.

Picture the imaginary arrow pointing northwest, preparing you to start the ball to the left of your target and enabling it to fade back.

The back left part of the golf ball, or your right is the best spot to focus on to imagine an out-to-in swing path.

Following this angle helps you catch the ball with an open face and impart sidespin to execute a draw.

Where to Focus Your Eyes for Bunker Shots?

Bunker shots are a different kettle of fish because they require you to catch the sand before your ball.

I find shifting my focus two inches behind the ball in the sand helps me better picture the pending shot.

golf player trying to make bunker shot

How does Eye Focus Impact My Golf Shots?

Eye focus has limited direct impact on your golf shots because it all boils down to your clubface angle at contact.

But, many amateurs find that a focus point helps them to better visualize and prepare for each shot.

Where do the Pros Focus Their Eyes During the Golf Swing?

Jack Nicklaus explained that he would focus his eyes on the entire golf ball and not a specific area.

However, Annika Sorenstam found that looking ahead of the impact zone worked best and encouraged her to take a divot on iron and wedge strikes.

Then you have Tiger Woods, who feels that the logo on his Bridgestone golf ball is ideal for focusing his eyes during his swing.

Final Thoughts

Where to focus your eyes when hitting a golf ball boils down to your preferences.

The most crucial factor is clearly visualizing your shot to execute it as intended.

If you find focusing your eyes on a specific area helpful, follow the steps in our guide.

Focus on the right back part of the golf ball to prepare for a draw, and look at the left back for a fade.

Conversely, pay attention to the equator of the ball.

These angles enhance your ability to picture the desired club path for each swing to deliver a draw, fade, or straight flying shot.

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